Garland Fielder, along with his partner, Masumi Kataoka formed Studio FK Design with the intention of melding both of their extensive arts backgrounds into a comprehensive design atelier. Fielder holds an Masters of Fine Art from the University of North Texas, as well as Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas, Austin. Fielder has been professionally exhibiting his art for two decades and has been represented by Anya Tish Gallery in Houston for most of that time. Fielder has also contributed art criticism to publications such as Art Forum, Art Lies, Art Papers & Glasstire for many years. After earning his masters in architecture in 2015, he has worked on several small commercial projects as well as many residential designs. Fielder's first solo design, ARChouse, was completed in 2019 and has been serving as a studio/gallery since. For more detailed information on Fielder, please visit the URL below: 


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片岡 真純

  Masumi Kataoka has been a professional metalsmith for over two-decades. Kataoka earned her MFA from the University of North Texas in 2004. She was awarded the Emerging Artist Award from Art Jewelry Forum in 2006 and has since won many other awards. Her work has been included in several prestigious art jewelry publications both nationally and internationally. Kataoka also teaches metalsmithing at various institutions in Houston, Texas. For more detailed information on Kataoka, please visit the URL below: